Asexism ist more than Asexuality and asexual.

Asexism opens the true meaning of asexuality and asexual.

Asexism is the missing link between Feminism and Gender.

There is no right feminism in wrong feminism.
There is no right gendering in wrong gendering.
There is no wrong feminism and no wrong gendering with asexism.

Only the one definition that is based on the primordial meaning is valid.
Definitions serve to generate might via definitional might (monopoly on interpretation), which has the potential of abuse of might.
Might can inspire enthusiasm for a definition that is manipulatively based.
A definition is not correctly founded if it suits one or if one likes it.
It is not semantics that leads to the primordial meaning of words, but etymology.
The primordial meaning of the words is the key to success.

In grammatical gender, a distinction is made between masculine (corporal), feminine (mental), neutral (no of both), and utral (one of both).
False feminism and false gender refers to a human's biological sex (sexual organ) instead of a person's genus.
Feminism and gender is also wrong when the genus "neutral" is used to refer to human (body, masculine) or person (mind, feminine).

The essential difference is between body (being) & mind (acting).

Corporal (being) is grabbable and mental (acting) is grabbable (graspable, prehension) as well as non-corporal and non-mental is ungrabbable.

The words "masculine" and "feminine" as well as "corporal" and "mental" are property words.
All property words have a relation to an primordial meaning.

Asexism refers to feminism because feminism prefers »mental acting« instead of »corporal being«.

Everything what is or acts as well as what is not or does not act, is or does not act only because properties are present or not.
Properties are perceived in interaction and put into words.
Everything not being and not acting has no (perceivable) properties.

Essentially, everything is based on composition (body) and motion (mind).
On close inspection, body (to be) becomes mind (to act).
Without motion there is nothing.
Without motion there is no interaction.
Without motion, there is no one for the other.

Asexism has no interest in the expansion of conscious being (consciousness), but in the expansion of conscious activity.

Self-consciousness is associated with self-esteem and self-confidence in the form of a consolidation of the mind into a body (value-object) that is grabbable.
"Touching" the mind is one thing, touching the body is something else.
Essentially the mental grabbing is like the corporal grabbing a framing (to frame) into a frame (picture frame, object).
The phrase "to get over the line" means as much as to leave the frame, to lose (self-)control (self-possession) over the own ego (self-confidence).
The mental, which has been brought into a frame, is attackable by the grabbing on the mental level.

The essentially in asexism is the action, thus the act on and act out as well as the impact and after-act and also side-act.
Even the mental can act negative on the freedom of the mind.
In asexism all is hostile to freedom which act negative on the freedom of body and mind.

Asexism refers to gender in terms of the allocation of properties.
The human is corporal - the person is mental.

In asexism, feminism is not only for persons with biologically female sexual organ (femalism).
In asexism, feminism is a turning away from the body (human, masculine) as well as a turning to the mind (person, feminine).
In asexism, the feminine form (person) is used exclusively in relation to gender.
A feminism that (also) addresses the human (masculine) is a false feminism.

Identity is possible via properties.
Identification is possible via identity.
This is related to any identity - from political identity to social identity to sexual identity.

The perception of properties is up to each person himself.
The allocation of properties can be a grabbing, an overgrabbing (overwhelming), an harassment.
With asexism is a allocation of properties to another person in relation to an identity an overgrabbing.

Perceiving a person as asexual is the one.
Allocating the property »asexual« to a person in relation to an identity is an overgrabbing.
Only that identity is free from overgrabbing which each one makes for his own person.
The accepting of an identity of another person is up to each person himself.

Whoever perceives a person as sexual and external allocates this property to her, as well as therefore alludes to this external allocated identity and meets this person correspondingly, is overgrabbed.
The same applies to any external allocated property.

The internal allocation of properties is motile and can be done arbitrarily at any time.
Moreover, the internal allocation of properties can be done arbitrarily in relation to any other person.
An internal allocated property must not apply equally to all other persons, but can also apply to only one other person or only the own person.
The internal allocation of properties is not a make-up or a decoration of the own person.
The manipulative internal allocation of properties is a fraud on oneself.

Identities are similar to titles of nobility.
The compulsory use of titles of nobility was abolished over 100 years ago.
People with antiquated mindsets cling to identities.
For these people is it disrespectful to ignoring identities.
Ignoring identities is disrespectful only with an antiquated mindset.

Asexism is far more than asexuality as well as far more than the property asexual.

Asexism does not mean anti-sexism.
Asexuality does not mean anti-sexuality.
Asexual does not mean "anti-sexual" and also not "non-sexual", but "without sexual" - without sexism.
However, asexual means not only "without [the property] sexual", but possible "without any property".

The revealing of one's own identity lies in one's own decision.
Without meaning is what a person is.
Of meaning is only how a person acts.
Of meaning is not the being, but the seeming.

Asexism enables a new view.
Not the being (masculine) is in the foreground, but the mental (feminine).
Asexism opens up the possibility of "not being" in relation to an identity.
The slogan in asexism sounds:

» I am not. «

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